Is It Better To Cremate Or Bury A Pet?

Are you conflicted on which way to commemorate Scooby? Perhaps your pet suddenly died, and alongside the grief, you are stuck on what way to put it to rest.

Are you conflicted on which way to commemorate Scooby? Perhaps your pet suddenly died, and alongside the grief, you are stuck on what way to put it to rest.

Making a decision on whether to cremate or bury a pet after their death can be difficult. 

We’d want to grant them the most peaceful resting option.

Nonetheless, knowing which method is better can be complex as cremation entails burning up their bodies while burying involves simply putting them below the earth.

Selecting either of the funeral methods might depend on certain factors like your financial stability, values, or religious principles.

So which method won’t have your pet haunting you for giving them an unpleasant rest? Is it better to cremate or bury a pet? This article has got you covered in providing a concise explanation of both procedures to guide you towards making a funeral decision.

 Going into details with pet cremation;

Pet Cremation

If you seek a choice that lets you go anywhere with the remembrance of your pet, cremation provides that. 

Cremating a pet means you get to keep their ashes with you, and what’s better than going on vacays and adventures knowing Scooby or Garfield is with you, safe in a cremation urn? 

That’ll probably come off as creepy, but, hey, there are other perks to cremating your pet, rather than saving a seat on every flight for a cremation urn.

You can create a memorial out of their ashes by planting a tree or cultivating a garden over the spread of ashes. 

There are display options where you get to display the urn containing the pet ashes in an ornamental way, either indoor or outdoor, of your home.

You can also find a resting place for the ashes in pet cemeteries; they offer your pet a home in addition to a memorial service if you desire.

Usually, if your pet passes away at the vet clinic, you can hand over the cremation responsibility to the vet. 

However, if your pet breathed its last at your home, or you choose to set up the cremation arrangements yourself, you can employ the services of a pet cremation facility to assist you through the process.

Most pet cremation facilities oversee the conveyance of your pet to their crematorium and return the ashes safely to your hands. However, there are different types of pet cremation services offered. 

 These include;

Individual Pet Cremation

This incineration takes place at a private crematorium and involves creating a single pet at a time. 

Unlike other cremation methods, the individual approach ensures your pet ashes are not mixed with that of others. However, the downside to this type of cremation is it’s expensive.

Semi-Individual Pet Cremation

This type of funeral involves incinerating your pet alongside other pets, separating them from each other by a bit of distance. Although the remains of individual pets are singled out for the owners, there are chances your pet ashes can get mixed with that of another animal. 

Hence, be aware of the kind of cremation services you are going for, as some facilities also term the semi-individual cremation as “individual.” You wouldn’t want to go home with hybrid ashes, a mixture of your pet and that of another.

Collective Pet Cremation

This cremation service is ideal if you don’t require your pet ashes, and it entails incinerating multiple pets alongside yours and disposing of the ashes. Though, this type of cremation is the cheapest.

While talking to either a vet or a cremation provider, always inquire about the cremation services they offer to avoid mixed ashes and a pricey fee.

Pet cremation is economical and offers creative ways to honor the ashes of your pet.

Pet Burial

Burying a pet is a prominent way to say goodbye. Placing your pet to rest under the earth with stunning flowers to adorn creates the closure cremation otherwise won’t. 

Burying your pet at home cuts down the expenses of hiring a funeral provider, and you also get to have a private burial, reminiscing on the good memories.

However, specific rules determine if you can bury your loved animal at home or not, depending on the country and state. The significant rules include;

Nature Of Animal’s Death

Checking in with a veterinarian before burying your pet to ascertain its cause of death is necessary as certain death circumstances like poisoning, radiation, or chemotherapy are exempted from burials. 

Reasons are burying deceased pets with these circumstances can be harmful to the environment once decomposition begins, thus cremating the body is the best.

Ownership of the Burial Place

Burying your pet in locations like parks, reserves, or even backyards of your home without legal ownership is unlawful. If you want to have a home burial, make sure you confirm the ownership of the part of the house you are making a grave before placing your pet to rest.

Likewise, you should check in with your county or neighborhood for the legality of home burial within your region. Other rules that determine the burial of a pet include soil type and depth of water table.

When preparing to bury your pet, you should dig a deep grave, at least 2ft, to ensure your pet’s remains are concealed from scavengers and to mask off the smell against health hazards.

 You can also use pet shrouds to hold up your pet’s body before burying it. Eco-friendly and soft, pet shrouds protect your pet and lay it to earth beautifully.

However, the downside to home burial is you don’t get to take your deceased pet with you if you move houses.

But, you can alternate to pet cemeteries to bury your pet. Pet cemeteries offer top-notch funeral services with caskets and grave markers for befitting pet burial.

In addition to pet cremation and burial, other funeral option to honor your pet includes donating the body to science.

Some veterinary colleges conduct programs for donating deceased pets for research. You’ll be given paperwork to fill to assure you of the legality of the program. Once the research has been conducted, your pet gets incinerated. You can access these programs via schools in your city or county.

Is It Better To Cremate Or Bury A Pet?

Between both funeral choices, it is better to cremate your pet as pet cremation is affordable and less time-consuming than pet burial which involves digging and wrapping up the pet.

Cremating your pet also gives you the choice of either scattering or keeping the ashes with you, in contrast to pet burial which restricts you from taking the memento of your pet along when moving houses.

However, if what you need as a pet owner is a closure from the whole experience, a burial might be a better choice as it eliminates any constant reminders of your pet’s demise.

Pet burial might be more expensive when compared with cremation, but it’s the best choice if you’re trying to put the dreadful event behind you for good.


Although there are pros and cons to each funeral procedure, there are both suitable if you are on a budget, and to us, there’s no preference if it is better to cremate or bury pets, as both options are ideal.

However, the decision lies in your hands that cradled your pet. If you have further questions on either funeral procedure, you can drop them in the comment box.

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